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Terms of Sale
Agreement and Acceptance: These terms and conditions govern the Contract (as defined below) and any future requests for Services, Data, and/or Leads by Expertbizz Private Limited (“the Company”) from the client (“the Client”). The act of communication or requesting the supply of Services, Data, and/or Leads by the Client constitutes acceptance of these terms. These terms supersede any other terms and conditions, whether attached to a purchase order or referred to elsewhere, unless expressly agreed upon in writing.

Definitions: In these terms and conditions:

  • “Company” refers to Expertbizz Private Limited.
  • “Client” refers to the person, firm, or company described as such in the Schedule.
  • “Contract” or “Order Confirmation” refers to the contract outlined herein and detailed in the Schedules, concluded by the Client’s acceptance of the Contract and return of the Order Confirmation.
  • “Services/Data or Leads” encompasses data from the Company’s proprietary databases and survey activity, as specified in the Order Confirmation.
  • Company’s Obligations: The Company will exercise reasonable care and skill in supplying Services/Data or Leads to the Client, adhering to the requirements outlined in Schedule 1.

Compensation: In return for the Company’s supply of Services/Data or Leads, the Client shall pay the Cost in accordance with the payment schedule in Schedule 1. Interest at 4% per year above the base rate of the Bank will be charged for overdue invoices.

Services/Data and/or Leads Changes: The Client warrants the accuracy of the Services/Data and/or Leads description. Changes to Services/Data and/or Leads after Contract conclusion may result in extra charges and delays.

Licence and Data Supply: The Term of this Agreement commences on the Effective Date and continues per specified conditions. Usage and Licence Terms for Data are outlined in the Order Confirmation. Consent and data protection terms are covered under GDPR Regulations.

Delivery: The Client must inspect and notify the Company of any alleged defects within 2 working days of delivery. Returns are allowed as per the Order Confirmation.

Rejection or Cancellation: Cancellation after Contract conclusion incurs full Cost liability, excluding third-party charges. Returns must adhere to specified guidelines.

Property: The Company remains owner of electronic storage media until return. The Company remains owner of Services/Data or Leads until fully paid.

Liability/Returns: The Company’s liability, while subject to limitations, shall exclude personal injury and fraudulent misrepresentation. Returns, complaints, and disputes are subject to specified procedures.

Company’s Status: The Company acts as a principal in the Contract/Order Confirmation.

Confidential Information: Neither party shall divulge confidential information about the other party obtained during this Contract.

Termination: Either party may terminate this Contract under specified conditions.

Matters Beyond Control: The Company is not liable for breach caused by matters beyond its reasonable control.

Agreement: This Contract supersedes all prior agreements.

Severance: Invalid provisions do not affect the validity of others.

Waiver: No waiver by the Company of any breach shall affect subsequent breaches.

Service of Notices: Written notices shall be sent as specified.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The Contract is governed by English law and the jurisdiction of English courts.

These terms are accepted and agreed upon by both parties in relation to the attached Contract/Order Confirmation.

Last Updated: 2023-08-13

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